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Board of Directors

Lacamas Shores board members are elected by the homeowners at the annual homeowners' meeting. Each member serves a two-year term. Homeowners interested in running for a board position may contact any board member. Officers are elected by the Board each year following the annual election. Additional information about officers' duties may be found in the Bylaws. Board meetings are held each month and homeowners are welcome to attend. Meeting times and places are published each month or contact Invest-West.


Lacamas Shores emails are provided for the convenience of homeowners only. Contact information is not to be used for advertising, promotion or announcements by residents or non-residents. Board members and Committee members are all volunteers and receive no compensation. All homeowners are encouraged to participate.


Ethics in HOA Interactions

Ethics are the moral compass that guides the performance of a director’s duties and governance of a homeowners association. Board members must act in good faith and best interests of the HOA, including reasonable inquiry and focus on governance.

Our bylaws say only that the records of the board be available to the membership. ARTICLE XIV
Section 3. Examination of Books and Records.

Our CC&Rs don’t specify the duties of the HOA board... so in general... the WA State RCWs apply.
Washington State - RCW 64.38.025 - Board of directors—Standard of care" and Washington State - RCW 24.03,127 Duties of a director


Other Contacts

HOA Management Co. Invest-West

Contact: Melissa Mcdowell


Lacamas Shores Homeowner's Association

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Board of Directors


Nathan Greene

Vice President

Ryan Moore


Chuck Nyland


Denice Valent-Musleh

Board Members at Large

Dan Foster

Tom Reed

Larry Tint

Architectural/Landscape Committee

Ryan Moore

Steve Preedy

Board & Committee Roles and Responsibilities


Board Member's Role

Serving on the HOA board is both an honor and responsibility. Below is a list of some of the responsibilities of every board member.

  • Enforce the governing documents
  • Establish sound fiscal policies and maintain accurate records
  • Develop a workable budget to meet requirements and expectations of the community
  • Establish reserve funds
  • Act on budget items and determine assessment rates
  • Collect assessments
  • Establish, publicize, and enforce rules and penalties
  • Authorize legal action against owners who do not comply with the rules
  • Review local laws before passing rules or adopting bylaw changes to membership for approval
  • Appoint committees and delegate authority to them
  • Select an attorney, auditor, insurance agent and other professionals for the association
  • Provide adequate insurance coverage, as required by the bylaws and local governmental agencies
  • Inform board members of all business items that require their vote
  • Inform members of important board decisions and transactions
  • See that the association is protected for the acts of all parties with fiscal responsibilities
  • Attend and participate at meetings


HOA Committees

Chartered Committees work well for many of the same reasons that boards work effectively. To start, committees need a mission, or purpose, a sound agenda, a strong leader (or chairperson) and good information about members’ roles and commitment to serve. A committee charter is created by the board and is the tool that outlines a committee’s roles, authority and responsibilities.

The Lacamas Shores board's procedure for developing a committee charter includes the following.

  • A committee name
  • A definition of the committee's purpose
  • A description of the committee's responsibilities and limitations on their authority
  • A determination of the committee's term
  • A budget, if appropriate
  • Requirements for reporting - how often, in what format, etc.
  • Limitations on the number of committee members, minimum, maximum
  • The appointment of a leader and perhaps the members

Once a committee is empowered, committee members can then take charge and accomplish their objectives.


Our Volunteers

Lacamas Shores would not be a premier neighborhood without our volunteers. Joining a committee or volunteering to help with neighborhood functions is an excellent way to keep our community vibrant. benchglasses

Some of the benefits of volunteering in your HOA include:

  • Protecting your investment: You can take an active role in maintanining property values and ensuring Lacamas Shores' quality of living.
  • Meet neighbors and strengthen relationships: Volunteering allows you to get out, socialize and network with your neighbors. It's fun!
  • Learn leadership skills: Do you like to solve problems? Isn't it better to help your HOA leaders than to complain or criticize?
  • Get educated: Gain knowledge of community and state laws as well as finances and budgeting.

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