Association Governance


ACC/Landscape Introduction

The basic purpose of the Architectural/Landscape committee is to preserve the aesthetic value and appearance of the structures and landscaping of Lacamas Shores. The goal is to maintain the neighborhood to the highest standards applicable. The governing guidelines can be found in the CC&Rs.  The committee considers and approves or disapproves plans and specifications for fences, walls, home modifications/additions, additional buildings, removal of trees and shrubs, and other items affecting the value and/or appearance of the neighborhood.

As outlined in Section 5.14 of the Lacamas Shores CC&Rs, the Board has 30 days from the date of receipt of your completed request (including all documentation) to approve or deny the proposed project. No work may begin until approval is received.

Ensuring compliance with state and local building codes is not a duty of the HOA association or its architectural committee. Code compliance is the duty of the city of Camas building department.



ACC/Landscape Procedure

BEFORE you begin construction, removal, etc..., please submit a Lacamas Shores Architectural/Landscape Committee Review Form with the supporting documents to this committee.  It is very important that you include all necessary documents in order to receive an expeditious response.  If you are in any doubt as to how to proceed or whether you need to proceed, please contact the ACC/Landscape Committee.  The committee will assist you in any way it can.

As outlined in Section 5.14 of the Lacamas Shores Homeowners' Association CC&Rs, the Board of Directors has 30 days from the date of receipt of your completed request (including all renderings, plot plans, architectural drawings, photos and supporting documentation, etc.) to approve or deny the proposed project. No work may begin until and unless approval is received. Where there is a failure to adhere to the foregoing, the Lacamas Shores Homeowners' Association Board of Directors may enforce the CC&Rs, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, or any other policies or rules through any or all remedies available by law.

If you believe there is a violation of the CC&Rs, please contact the Architectural/Landscape committee or any board member for consideration and action.  The committee is here to protect our largest investment - our homes and property.


Governing Documents

All current and future Lacamas Shores homeowners should read and understand the governing documents to avoid disputes and keep our HOA healthy.

The original developer filed Articles of Incorporation (1988) which outline the Association’s purpose, authority, and our Washington nonprofit corporation status.

The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) detail the HOA powers and administrative authority granted in the Articles. All Lacamas Shores owners agree to the rules, restrictions, terms and conditions found in the CC&Rs when they purchase their home, ensuring that our community retains its beauty and value.

The Bylaws are the written operating procedures for conducting the HOA’s business


Conservancy Zone

A conservation area is a protected area that has been awarded protected status to ensure that natural features, cultural heritage or biota are safeguarded. A conservancy area may be a nature reserve, a park, or other area.

In 1987, a Camas group was formed to implement growth management: “Citizens to Save Lacamas Lake.” To maintain the view from the old Leadbetter Estate, located on the north side of Lacamas Lake, the “View Lots” along Lacamas Drive needed to remain hidden behind the lakeside trees. In 1993 the group helped negotiate an agreement for the preservation of a protected area between the Lacamas Shores development and the lake called "The Conservancy Zone".

The agreement is in the deed of all lots along Lacamas Drive between the picnic/ common area and the east entrance. If your address is between 2143 and 1401 Lacamas Drive and your lot is on the lake side of the street, you’re affected. In general, the agreement says that although you may own the land, if your lot is located in the Conservancy Zone, you may not cut trees or shrubs near the nature trail. The zone is defined as 100 feet from the shoreline of the lake. This may include part of your back yard.

If your lot is defined as a “view lot” you have the right to two view easements granted by the city of Camas. There is a form to send in and establish where your two views may be. The city has a record of where the existing easements are and so do the police. The Conservancy Agreement and a View Easement Request form are linked below.

Conservancy Zone Documents