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Documentation of Ontkean's Encroachment on Common Area

The property at 3011 NW Lacamas Drive is adjacent to a fairly sizable parcel of HOA-owned property that Tom Shipler, the developer of Lacamas Shores, quit claimed to the HOA in August of 1998 with the stipulation that the property be maintained as per Camas open space requirements. (A small portion, which contains a well pump, was deeded to the city of Camas.) Early in 2015, the HOA realized that Cindy and Mike Ontkean, the owners of the property at 3011 NW Lacamas Drive, had erected multiple permanent structures that encroached onto the HOA property adjoining their lot. The HOA records include a reference to an agreement that the Ontkeans supposedly made with Mr. Shipler when they purchased their lot in February of 1999 allowing them to landscape on the HOA open property with natural materials. (Note that the agreement is dated AFTER the property had been given to the HOA, so Mr. Shipler had no right to promise anything.)

Since the records did not include a copy of that agreement, the HOA Board contacted the Ontkeans by letter in the spring of 2015 requesting a copy of the referenced agreement. The Board felt they needed to see the agreement before determining how to proceed. The concern was that if anyone should be injured while on the property owned by the HOA and encroached upon by the Ontkeans, the HOA would be liable. Upon receiving the HOA letter, the Ontkeans sought legal counsel. Since that time, efforts to come to an amicable agreement have progressed slowly. In October of 2015, the Restore Lacamas Shores Team (RLST) published a copy of the letter sent to the Ontkeans on their website on a page titled “Suspect Timing for a Demand Letter”. The RLST believes this letter was sent in retaliation because Cindy Ontkean was a member of the RLST at the time. That is not the case; it was sent because the Board has a duty to protect the interests of the community as a whole. The HOA Board of Directors recognizes that this may have been the first that anyone knew of this encroachment issue.

Below is the documentation that the Board was active in dealing with all requests from the Ontkean's.There is also documentation that the Ontkeans were reminded and admitted they were not to build permanent structures on the HOA common area property.

Ontkean Intrusion into City's Easement
A Challenge to Timing for a RLS Demand Letter
Ontkean's Permanent Patio Encroachment
History of the Ontkean's Encroachment Issue


Lacamas Shores HOA History

2015 Breach of Ethics by "Restore Lacamas Shores Team (RLST)"
A small group of homeowner's banded together to pursue the goal of clear-cutting the common area wetlands with the intent of improving their views. They badgered the HOA board, city officials and state agents to get permission to achieve their goal. During that time the RLST called for a specail meeting. This report documents breach of ethics by Marie Tabata-Callerame.

Breach of Ethics by RLST

Does this end the
"Restore Lacamas Shores Team"
raids on our HOA's treasury?

Beginning in March 13, 2014, members of the former RLS team* have argued and bothered the city of Camas, the State Department of Ecology and the Army Corps of Engineers with their efforts to change the status of our court designated “Wetlands”. This small band of homeowners have hired lawyers and consultants to challenge the court settlements of 1993 and allow them to do “maintenance” on the wetlands. Their actions have cost our community a lot of money and necessitated a series of dues increases. Now after four years of turmoil, the matter is settled… maybe.

This last email response from the Washington Department of Ecology seems to shut the door on the RLS team’s further efforts. What do you think? You can read the complete email chain below. There is also a February 22, 2018 letter from the Department of Ecology referenced in the email chain. Email chains begin with the first email at the bottom and the most recent emails on top. For those who are new to the neighborhood or have forgotten how this fuss about tree removal in our common area and wetlands started, the original request (Jan 10, 2014) from Steve Bang and the boards refusal to grant permission is included below. Mr. Bangs quest to cut down trees continues unabated.

Email Chain on WetlandsLetter from Dept of Ecology Feb 22, 2018Bang's ACC form Jan 2014

RLST refers to the Restore Lacamas Shores Team, a small group of homeowners who banded together to persuade the city and state to allow cutting trees in the wetlands and conservancy zone. For more information on their actions, go to the Owner's Area on this website and read "History of Trees & Views Issues".


Our HOA Board sued me in Switzerland for the Community Domain Names!
by Catherine Arnold

Most HOA boards are busy looking out for the best interests of the members and doing the business of the association. In the past, we were lucky to have dedicated Board members who did just that, but that is not the case with the current Lacamas Shores Board. They just spent over a year attacking me both privately and openly over domain names. Their latest effort was to spend $1,500.00 to file a complaint against me requesting binding arbitration with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva Switzerland. This is a very serious charge and I believe the neighborhood has a right to know what happened and why I didn’t give in to their demands.

For over 14 years I volunteered to produce and distribute our bimonthly VIEWS newsletter. In 2004 I designed and built the first Lacamas Shores Community website. In all that time, I never had a complaint from the HOA Board or any association members. Nor was I ever ordered to remove neighborhood information or history. When the newly elected Restore Lacamas Shores (RLS) members became a majority on the HOA board in 2016 I did consider giving up my neighborhood volunteering. I realized I could not work with people who had published false and demeaning information about me on their “Restore Lacamas Shores” website, the NEXTDOOR, and the Backfence. So, I published my resignation in the VIEWS (April/May 2016), and offered to transfer the website and all contents to a professional service. My intention was to keep the website online and help to slowly transition it to the new service. The board declined my offer and ordered me to remove factual information concerning their two year harassment of the previous board. The documents they found inappropriate were their own “demand letters” to the board and the legal opinions the board used to answer their demands (Trees & Views).They also objected to the ethics complaints posted against Matt McCants, Tom Kelly, Marie Callerame, and the history about Ontkean’s patio built on HOA property (See 'Ontkean Encroachment Case' in upper left column). I refused to remove the history of our HOA and transitioned the website to a neighborhood/community resource. All the “inappropriate” information they demanded I remove were publicly available to all HOA association members.

The WIPO complaint filed against me (May 5, 2017) to acquire domain names was replete with mistakes, false statements and, frankly, outright lies. But to go back further, the Demand Letter from the HOA Board dated August 1, 2016 refers to contracts, committees, reimbursements, etc. that never existed and were never mentioned in any minutes going back to 2004. Some of the domain names they demanded were owned by unknown others <>, not me. One of the domain names they demanded <> was registered by Marie Callerame.

Over the past years, I can only describe the Board’s actions against me as unwarranted harassment. We lost our friendly open neighborhood to a bunch of bullies.

Please look at the documents listed which include the original complaint filed with WIPO and their final decision. Feel free to contact me.


And the Beat Goes On....
Introduction to Board Meeting Synopsis

The focus of the Meadowland Park “Voluntary Re-Vegetation Project” has morphed over time from a desire to clear cut our common area trees… into a question of financial liability. Tom Kelley maintains that the past HOA boards never did any maintenance of the wetlands. This is simply untrue. Under the advice of the city, we periodically dredged the settling pool and the swale surrounding the soccer field. Under the advice of the city, we did not touch the contents of the wetlands portion. The responsibility for making maintenance decisions belonged to the city of Camas. In doing this, they represented the interests of the Washington State Department of Ecology and the Army Corps of Engineers.

(The Army Corps of Engineers was peripherally involved with the repair of our boat dock.) Tom Kelly further states that the effectiveness of the Wetlands as a storm drain facility was never tested. This also is false. Beginning in 2007 and for some years after that, Dr John Harrison ran a graduate degree program in ecological studies on Lacamas Lake. They also studied the Wetlands as a storm drain and bio-filter as well. We allowed them to dock their boat near the maintenance shed. John and students ran a Q&A table at the annual picnic for many years. And, Dr Harrison shared his findings with the city. Monte Brachmann, the Camas director of Public Works, told me so.

For all the money that the board has spent on experts, all they seem to have gotten is a perception that the HOA is financial liable for maintenance in the wetlands. We are trying to usurp a responsibility and financial obligation that was thought to be the City’s. Why does the board want to do this: To clearcut the trees in the designated Wetlands. This is called… poking the bear. See the March 2018 synopsis for more on the “bear”.

Richard Arnold